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How to maintain your car

At Retriever, we are fully aware of just how important it is to protect your car. That’s why we give you peace of mind when it comes to its security. However, protecting your car from thieves doesn’t mean much if you don’t take good care of it, as your vehicle will soon become undrivable

It is critical to regularly maintain your car and send it for services often, as this will help you identify potential issues early on and save you money down the line. We’ve put together some tips on how you can better maintain your car and prolong its life:


It is important that you ask your petrol attendant to perform certain checks when filling up and to check that they are being carried out correctly – this is a service they can easily provide. The checks include:

  • Check the oil and water levels – if you don’t have enough water in the cooling system, your engine can overheat and cause serious problems for your car and your pocket. Similarly, motor oil is essential to your car’s performance, as it lubricates all the moving parts in your engine so that they can work optimally – just make sure that you get the right type for your vehicle.
  • Check the battery – new cars make use of maintenance-free batteries, but it’s still a good idea to have it checked every year. If your vehicle uses older batteries, check the fluid levels and top up if necessary. Retriever also lets you measure the charge of your battery in real-time and sends low-battery alerts.
  • Clean the windscreen – a dirty windscreen can result in a major safety hazard on the road. Also, you should get chips fixed before they spread, which can cause permanent damage.
  • Check the tyres – making sure your tyres are not over or under-inflated will keep you safe, and prolong the life of your tyres. In addition, make sure there is at least a match thickness of tread on the tyres to ensure a good grip on the road surface, and that water can be easily dispersed if you hit a puddle or drive through rain.


Beyond regular checks, it is vital to perform maintenance tasks that are critical to the longevity of your car. These tasks include rotating and balancing your tyres, oil changes, filter changes and replacing windscreen wipers.

Change the oil and oil filters as per the vehicle’s manufacturer and rotate your front and rear wheels every 8,000 to 16,000 kilometres, which equalises natural wear patterns and ensures a smoother and safer ride. If you hit a pothole or the pavement, it’s a good idea to get your tyres checked, rebalanced and aligned.


Some may think that cleaning your car is only for vanity purposes; however, keeping it clean can also prolong the life of your car. Your car is exposed to elements every day that could ruin it, including grease and grime, sunlight, salt, dead bugs, smog and even tree sap. If left dirty, these elements “eat” away at the paint and eventually damage the metal in your car. Take your vehicle to a carwash regularly or break out the water and soap to ensure that dirt is not a factor.


It is equally important to remember is to not treat the inside of your car as a garbage can. Get into the habit of regularly cleaning the interior – this will reduce your stress and make the driving experience more enjoyable. Regular cleaning inside also means a reduction in bacterial growth, and a healthier environment for all – especially important in the current circumstances.


And finally, maintain your car by ensuring that it stays yours. Retriever can help you protect it from thieves thanks to our superior vehicle recovery service, which has resulted in us having a recovery rate in Kenya of 95%. Contact us today to enjoy world-class recovery.

At Retriever, we are fully aware of just how important it is to protect your car. That’s why we give you peace of mind when it