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Empower your team with a streamlined way of working

The fleet management platform that gives you full visibility of your business and teams, helping you increase efficiency, decrease costs and focus on growing your business.

Know exactly where every cent is going

Gain full-view of your business with a simple-to-use platform that aligns your operational, administrative and financial data. Know your actual cost per job, how these costs are split and what you should be charging customers to keep your profits healthy.

A screenshot of a paperless fleet management software that has all your financial administration on one platform with insights on a monthly cost of a fleet vehicle, including operational and regulatory costing.
A screenshot of a fleet vehicle analytics in Cartrack software showing how the vehicle saved 15% of fuel compared to the previous month.

Transform your business with actionable insights

Receive contextualised insights that show you exactly where you should invest your time and energy effectively. You’ll understand what the root causes of any challenges are so you can tackle them head-on to keep improving your business.

All your business data, all in one place

With all your important business information in one place, team frictions are eliminated and workflows are aligned. No more lost paperwork, no more unnecessary admin, and only one source of truth.

A screenshot of Cartrack fleet task management solution that has real-time visibility, streamlined administrative workflows, risk assessments and enable collaboration across all team functions
A white apple macbook showing Cartrack fleet management software with analytics on real-time driver behaviour and the cost effects of itin the business

More accountability, more productivity

Receive accurate reports on employee productivity, integrity and safety, highlighting areas where your employees may need more training. Use these insights to showcase the value of team members and teamwork, encouraging accountability and motivation.

Karooooo is a partner for life

The fleet management solution that helps you grow your business, and grows with your business

For fleets and teams of any size

Enable collaboration across all teams of any size. Get task management, real-time visibility, streamlined administrative workflows, risk assessments and more. Our technology works the way your business needs it to.

Increase staff retention

Keep your drivers’ and operational teams happy with a platform and app that empowers them to do their best work, making their tasks and lives easier.

A platform and team you can trust

Our support team caters to all your needs and with a platform that has 99.9% uptime, seamless data exports and imports, and API technology that handles datasets of any size, you can be you’re your workflows run smoothly.