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Gain full control of every vehicle you lease or rent out

Receive maintenance reminders, preventative-downtime alerts and driver behaviour reports on your entire fleet, giving you complete visibility on any vehicle you rent or lease out at anytime.

Control late-paying customers

Our Start Prevent technology helps you stop those non-paying customers from operating your vehicles and with access to your fleet’s exact live GPS location, you can easily retrieve any vehicle when necessary.

A screenshot of a vehicle start prevention alert when the payment didn't go through
A real time alert on how a vehicle is being used and the alerts on how it has travelled

Prevent vehicle-overuse and late returns

Set vehicle mileage limits and access exact odometer readings in real-time, helping you accurately alert or charge customers for the overuse of your vehicles, encouraging on-time returns and easier billing.

No more lost vehicles or flat batteries

Let customers return vehicles to any of your branches without the hassle of having to locate them. And ensure vehicle batteries always remain healthy with alerts that let you know when you need to start up a vehicle.

A screenshot of a vehicle management software for fleets for managing admin such as insurance, permits, tax and fines
Fleet cabin cam showing a face of a distracted driver who is speeding, braking harshly on Cartrack fleet management software dashboard.

Less admin, more time

Seamlessly digitalise your operations and have all your vehicle documentation and information at your fingertips. Receive early reminders for contracts that need to be paid or renewed, helping you avoid unforeseen costs or unnecessary vehicle downtime.

Understand your costs for improved billing

Know exactly what each of your vehicle’s maintenance, financing and regulatory compliance costs are so you can charge customers effectively and keep your profit margins up and running costs down.

A grey pie chart showing total cost of operating a vehicle including, operational and regulatory costs.
A green and red percentage circle graphs indicating time left before a vehicle is due for service to avoid downtime

Increase your fleet’s lifespan and value

Our predictive maintenance and live diagnostics alert you when your vehicle is due for a service, increasing your fleet’s longevity and resale value. You’ll also have a record of all your mileage history to validate your asking price.

Keep your fleet safe

Receive real-time alerts with our geofencing technology and prevent your vehicles from entering no-go zones and high-risk areas, keeping your fleet and customers safe.

Real-time alert for when vehicles cross geo-fences and go to areas that they are not supposed to