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What is Smart Fleet Management? 5 Eye-Opening Things You Need to Know

Every fleet is unique and has its own, personalised way of managing fleet operations smoothly. Despite every business having its own fleet management style, there’s one thing they have in common – the need for smart technology to optimise operations.

In this article, you will:

  • Find out how IoT plays an integral role in smart fleet management
  • Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions by fleet managers
  • Learn about the most eye-opening benefits of smart fleet management
  • Get the inside scoop on how to identify the right fleet management system for you
  • Find out how Cartrack Kenya can help make your fleet management operations smarter

What is smart fleet management?

You're in for a treat if you haven't used a smart fleet management system yet. The software, devices, and advanced analytics give you an intelligent experience. Smart fleet management software provides you with advanced tools for optimal fleet vehicle management. It allows you to download the complete data of your fleet and keep track of crucial fleet management components like route management, vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, cost per kilometer  and more. 

Ultimately, this innovative approach assists in making cost-effective decisions to make fleet management more productive.

What do fleet managers need to know? Find all the answers below

Whether you’re personally managing your fleet or not, there is some basic information that everyone in fleet-based businesses can benefit from.

Who can benefit from smart fleet management tools?

While managers primarily work with smart fleet management technology, a range of individuals experience increased benefits:

  • Smart fleet management technology is a fleet manager’s best ally. It saves valuable time on admin that could take hours, allowing managers to focus on more pressing issues that need immediate attention and support swift decision-making with accurate, real-time data.
  • Whether directly or indirectly involved in fleet management, operations managers need to know what’s happening to increase the effectiveness of a business’s overall functioning. Smart fleet management technology collects and stores trip-related, driver-behaviour, and other valuable data for easy retrieval.
  • To make all the most critical decisions, the business owner should be on top of everything happening in different departments. Neatly stored and accurate fleet data helps reduce time-consuming information searches and simplify decision-making.
  • Drivers who receive constructive feedback from their managers using detailed drivers’ reports are likelier to stay with one company and help improve fleet longevity with responsible driving habits.

What are smart fleet management tools mainly used for?

Intelligent fleet management software is primarily used to improve fleet efficiencies and costs. And, once you understand how smart fleet management tools improve fleet efficiencies and related fees, a whole new world opens up.

Here are some of the primary uses of smart fleet management technology:

  • Reviewing costs with cost management software
  • Analysing behaviour with AI-powered surveillance
  • Improving sustainability with trip reports
  • Keeping tabs on vehicle health with scheduled maintenance notifications
  • Identifying risks with all of the above


How IoT paved the way for smart fleet management

IoT describes a network of things or physical objects that employs software, sensors, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with systems and devices across the Internet. As we’ve become accustomed to using IoT or the Internet of Things in many of our daily tasks, it’s normal not to notice how it allows technology to work for businesses in many ways, including fleet management telematics. 

IoT poses specific benefits for fleet management technology, as it employs the following:

  • RFID or asset-tracking technology, 
  • GPS or Global Positioning Satellite technology, and 
  • OBD or On Board Diagnostic technology to automate and streamline fleet operations.

RFID, GPS, and OBD empower you to collect real-time data and gain many benefits.

Greater visibility

IoT allows smart fleet management systems using GPS tracking to collect data from different sources, allowing fleet managers to use the data for different purposes. Attaining greater visibility is one of the main perks, and when managing a fleet, having as much visibility as possible to monitor drivers, vehicles, routes, and other relevant components. 

Rapid decision-making

With lightning-quick communication between a range of devices and technologies, IoT-powered fleet management technology instantly affects fleet efficiency. Rapid knowledge collection and sharing enable managers to make immediate changes and have real-time improvements. 

Actionable big data

Fleet operations require enormous amounts of data to be recorded and put at fleet managers’ disposal. This data includes fuel consumption, kilometres travelled, speeding, and a range of vehicle usage-related data. Before smart fleet management software was available, fleet managers had to gather data manually, which was highly time-consuming and prone to human-error. Today, telematics-based systems that process and store big data enable users to easily find an incredible variety of data-based insights that lead to efficient problem-solving.  

Asset loss prevention

Reducing the number of insurance claims and other fleet-related losses form the foundation of asset loss prevention. Asset loss can mean many things in fleet management, including vehicle accidents, vehicle and cargo theft, employee injuries, and related compensation claims. 

To run a well-organised fleet, maintenance and loss prevention are matters every fleet manager should be concerned with. With an IoT-based fleet management platform, you have tracking and surveillance tools at your disposal that reduce and control asset losses.

Discover 5 eye-opening benefits of smart fleet management

If you’re not convinced of smart fleet management’s capabilities up to this point, looking at its benefits for your business will also be an eye-opening experience and one you may wish you had sooner. Not to worry, though — there’s no time like the present to plunge into the fantastic world of smart management software and how it can improve all aspects of your fleet operations

Here are some of the main benefits you can look forward to:

1 - You make more money

Every company intently focuses on improving its profitability, and the secret to achieving this lies in optimising every department in your business. With smart fleet management, the fleet department meets this criterion by relying on solid data that reduces costs and helps your business increase its revenue.

2 - You don’t drown in admin

The drastic admin reduction is often stressed as a smart fleet management benefit, and for good reason. One of the biggest challenges in effective fleet management is time constraints, and considering the wealth of data fleet management software provides, estimated admin time and costs manually dealing with all of that data is almost unimaginable. Being able to retrieve what you need in seconds significantly impacts efficiency.

3 - You live on the optimised side of life

Fleet technology is all about optimisation to get better, faster. And, apart from having access to all of that data, smart fleet management software helps streamline essential processes that may have taken much longer and cost much more to do before. Who wouldn’t want innovative software to supercharge their processes and workflows?

4 - You make the world a safer place

Master risk management and compliance by making sure your business is a safe environment for your employees and the general public. With smart fleet management technology by your side, you have the power to curb harmful emissions and identify and prevent potential safety hazards.

5 - You’re known for good service delivery

Delivering orders and services on time is crucial to running a successful business, whether in the logistics, cold chain supply, or any other industry, and smart telematics technology helps you achieve this. Keeping customers happy helps a business improve customer retention and profitability, boosting its reputation for good service delivery.


Ask yourself these important questions to find the best fleet management system for your business

As a business owner or fleet manager, it’s necessary to think not only about your current fleet but to envision the growth you have in mind. Understanding how this growth translates into the type of smart fleet management product you want to invest in helps you find the best product for your fleet. Asking yourself five basic questions will help you identify the best product for your business.

  1. Which fleet-management issues need to be addressed?

    While most fleets require a similar approach regarding vehicle maintenance, Fuel costs and usage patterns, driver training, and route tracking, companies typically have different fleet management-related issues to focus on. Identifying your specific issues supports informed decision-making when considering what fleet management systems or features you need.
  2. Is the software sturdy and reliable?

    Checking the software quality and performance you're eyeing for your business may seem routine. Still, it's a vital step considering you're making a long-term investment. Making sure you're investing in a robust product will save you future issues that you'd want the product to solve in the first place.
  3. Is the software user-friendly?

    Putting fleet managers through time-consuming training to master fleet management software is unnecessary if there are products that simplify things with a user-friendly intuitive interface. The best smart fleet software technology should offer the full package, including an effortless user experience.
  4. Does the software prioritise security?

    Regardless of industry, you should ensure the technology you’re using is airtight and takes the necessary measures to secure the data you’re collecting. Airtight security is crucial for protecting your business’s and customers’ information, making airtight security a must-have.

Ask_yourself_these_important questions_to_find_the_best_fleet_management_system_for_your_business

Enter a smarter world with state-of-the-art fleet management software

Smart fleet management technology has revolutionised how companies manage their fleet operations, and Cartrack’s advanced platform is a leading product in the fleet management market for good reason.

Here’s how we help your business make smart fleet management decisions:

  1. We understand the value of simplifying complex processes. Our fleet management platform offers real-time GPS vehicle tracking and valuable trip-related alerts - helping you optimise routes while keeping tabs on driver behaviour and location. Ensure your drivers take the fastest, safest routes while tracking real-time trip performance.
  2. Managing a fleet effectively is a time-sensitive task. Our smart reports give you more information to create fully-customisable tasks with real-time status updates. Use the Cartrack Delivery app to assign drivers to specific deliveries and receive notifications when complete or if the driver is unable to complete the task so that you can act accordingly.
  3. We know how important context is in fleet management data analytics, and that’s why our software provides contextualised metrics — helping you continuously improve running costs and prevent unnecessary profit drainage. With our MiFleet cost management system, you'll know whether it's poor driving or unauthorised vehicle usage pushing up your fleet costs.
  4. The Cartrack delivery app facilitates real-time communication with drivers via instructions and real-time chats, helping you stay on top of all active trips. Need a driver to reroute? Map it out and let them know in real time so your fleet always stays on time and on track.


With Cartrack, tomorrow’s world is right here

It’s impossible to run a fully-efficient fleet without smart technology, and the continuous development of new systems means constant evolution for fleet management. As the global leader in smart fleet management, Cartrack offers an all-in-one solution, allowing you to experience tomorrow, today. 

Contact Cartrack Kenya today for intelligent solutions that will exceed your expectations.

Fleet-manage in the smart lane with industry-leading technology and discover how your business can start benefiting from smart fleet management.