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There are many modifications that people have made to their vehicles that have enhanced performance, looks or sound. In fact, in 2016, the aftermarket segment of the car market was worth over $1-billion, however no matter how much it’s worth, there are some mods that should just never be made to any car.

For your entertainment, we’ve looked up 10 of the silliest mods that have been made or trended over the last few decades or may still be seen today.

  1. Fuel Line Magnets were said to help with fuel economy, as well as cleaner emissions and smooth running of the car by aligning the molecules. However, as usual if these things sound too good to be true, they generally are. Fuel is non-polar, which means that magnets have no effect on performance or economy.

  1. Engine Sound Simulators allowed you to become a legend in your own car. They would play engine sounds through the speakers and make your small, slow or ordinary car sound like a jet powered vehicle roaring down the road, but only you would be able to hear it.

  1. Oversized Spoilers on everyday cars – The theory behind using a spoiler is that the bigger the surface, the more effective it is at producing the downforce needed to keep a high-performance car on the ground. The issue though is that ordinary cars don’t produce the speed that requires a spoiler and an oversized spoiler means less can be seen in the rear-view mirror. If a vehicle needs a spoiler, the manufacturer will add one that’s the right size and shape to deliver optimum performance.

  1. Neon Lights – The Fast and Furious movie franchise brought us the neon running lights. They were cool, and at least you could see the car coming towards you, but in the end these lights didn’t do much to enhance vehicles and have mostly disappeared quietly into oblivion.

  1. Lambo Style Doors – in the early 2000s, every Barasa, Jaali and Omondi would put scissor-opening doors on their cars in homage to Lamborghini’s Aventador. However, the practice came to an end when Lamborghini chose to use regular opening and closing doors on the Gallardo.

  1. Fake chrome spinning hubcaps were enough to make you think you were going a little insane as they continued spinning while the car next to you was stationary. Or, they would spin out of sync with the wheel making you dizzy as your brain and eyes tried to keep up. Thankfully this is another trend that slid quietly out of the limelight.

  1. Probably the most annoyingly useless modification you could make is to add Whistle Tips to your car’s exhaust. The whistle produced a high-pitched scream while you drove – no doubt everybody could hear you well before they saw your car, we doubt they would welcome you with open arms though.

  1. Fake vents and hood scoops – Fast, powerful sports cars generally have bigger vents and hood scoops to deliver fresh air to the intake manifold, and release the extensive heat that the engine produces. Adding fake vents and hood scopes will only damage your vehicle and pocket in the end. Rather keep your car in tip top condition with these tips from Retriever. {}

  1. Another affordably useless modification is to add Fake Model Decals to your car. Not only is it an affront to the manufacturer of both brands, but it also won’t do your personal credibility any good. If you want to add a model decal to your car, ensure you purchase the correct one, use the right type of adhesive and put the decal in the correct spot on the car.

  1. Changing your car into a convertible – again, this is another modification that will damage your rep, and even more it will damage the structural integrity of the vehicle which could be catastrophic in the event of an accident. If you want a convertible, then buy one, don’t DIY it.

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There are many modifications that people have made to their vehicles that have enhanced performance, looks or sound.