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If you’re either a car owner or a business owner with a substantial fleet, it is always advisable to invest in some form of vehicle tracking. For private vehicle owners, vehicle tracking is primarily used for vehicle recovery, while business owners primarily use vehicle tracking for fleet management purposes. Here’s a short explanation of what these two services are and how they can benefit you.

What is Vehicle Recovery?

Vehicle recovery is concerned with the retrieval of stolen or hijacked vehicles. These cars are recovered by using sophisticated tracking technology as well as on-the-ground and in-the-air recovery teams.

How does Retriever’s vehicle recovery work?

A vehicle tracking device is placed in a secret location inside your vehicle. This device is fitted with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Should your vehicle be stolen or hijacked, you can report the incident by either phone, online or via a smartphone app, depending on your service provider. Subsequently, we can precisely track the location of your vehicle on a map at any point in time, thereby ensuring our highly-trained recovery team can accurately locate a stolen vehicle and recover it.

Why should you use a Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) provider?

Having a vehicle recovery team on hand is a sure-fire way to get peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. Replacing a vehicle can be a costly and time-consuming exercise with numerous administrative headaches, and using an SVR provider such as Retriever will ensure that you considerably reduce the chance of this happening.

What is Fleet Management?

In a broad sense, Fleet management refers to the management of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, private vehicles, trucks, vans, specialist vehicles, and trailers. Specifically, sophisticated telematics technology provides fleet managers with the resources to monitor and manage their drivers, thereby helping to increase efficiencies and reduce unnecessary costs. Fleet managers can learn about adverse driving behaviours such as speeding, idling, and harsh braking and turning. They can also learn about other variables such as traffic information and a street view of your vehicle’s surroundings.

How do Retriever’s fleet management solutions work?

Retriever’s leading fleet management solutions ensure that you get high-performance GPS vehicle tracking alongside a world-class fleet management service. Our technologically-advanced computer platform allows your fleet managers to be more efficient and effective in their daily role, with a host of features offered, including (but not limited to) real-time reports, driver behaviour analysis, geofencing, route optimisation, fuel control, remote immobilisation and vehicle recovery. You can also get various other value-added solutions such as Mi-Fleet, CANbus and Drive Vision.

Why do you need a fleet management solution?

If your company operates with a large fleet of vehicles, you are essentially being left behind if you don’t employ a leading fleet management solution. Companies that incorporate fleet management into their operations will find that they have the means to considerably improve the efficiency and profitability of their business, with a substantial amount of time and money saved.

Enjoy vehicle tracking and fleet management from the experts

Whether you choose an SVR solution, a fleet management solution or both, you will receive world-class service from Retriever. Our expertise is based on years of experience and employing highly-trained specialists in their field. Contact us today to find out more about our leading stolen vehicle recovery and fleet management services.

If you’re either a car owner or a business owner with a substantial fleet, it is always advisable to invest in some form of vehicle tracking.