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Not all vehicle fleets drive on the road, in fact, many are used for more niche activities such as farming and construction. However, these types of vehicles require telematics and tracking solutions as much as other vehicles to ensure efficiency, prevent abuse and aid in recovery if stolen.

We break down for you the benefits of using telematics solutions for plant equipment:

What is plant equipment?

This term refers to a wide variety of equipment that is either used or is capable of use in the manufacture of supplies or for any administrative or general plant purpose. These items can include loaders, dumpers, compressors, excavators and agricultural equipment.

Why the need for telematics solutions for plant equipment?

Plant equipment is a valuable asset that requires protection from either theft or other misfortune. The recovery and/or replacement of stolen equipment can prove costly and a major administrative hassle, severely impacting the functioning of a business.  In this regard, tracking expensive, large and heavy assets can prove invaluable to a company and help improve profitability, reduce costs and improve security.


Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Smart GPS tracking ensures that companies can keep track of their equipment’s use, which in turn, helps them monitor the fuel consumption. Further, thanks to GPS tracking systems, they can get automatic notifications that the equipment is due for maintenance work, which ensures the equipment is better maintained in general, performs better and lasts longer.

Keep an eye on your equipment or vehicles

Knowing precisely where plant equipment is at all times helps companies to efficiently transfer equipment to nearby locations and can assist in recovering stolen equipment or vehicles.

Reduce idling

Equipment that is still running but is idle or not moving wastes fuel and could potentially increase the wear and tear of the machine’s engine. Fleet tracking helps reduce idling by notifying the fleet management or the site managers of this problem. In turn, site managers will know if operators need re-training in proper equipment maintenance.

Why you should choose Retriever

With over 15 years in the telematics industry, Retriever’s range of products and services is perfectly suited to this industry, giving owners, managers and foremen complete peace of mind when it comes this expensive machinery. Our telematics solutions allow you to effectively monitor and measure the operating hours of your plant and equipment, which means you can accurately determine utilisation, service intervals and billable hours.

With a Retriever unit in your plant or agricultural machinery, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Minimised costs
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved security
  • Better use of equipment

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Not all vehicle fleets drive on the road, in fact, many are used for more niche activities such as farming and construction.