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If your business transports perishable and temperature-sensitive products such as fruit, vegetables, and dairy product, it can be seriously debilitating to your business’s progress if these goods are spoilt while in transit. Retriever’s refrigeration monitoring resolves these issues by providing you with the means to ensure that your perishable goods are always kept at an optimal temperature while in transit.

How do we achieve this? It’s all thanks to our advanced telematics systems:

What solution does Retriever provide?

We provide a key solution to the refrigeration and transport sector by not only monitoring the vehicle but also the refrigeration and temperature systems of the load in transit. Our offering extends beyond the frozen and fresh produce market to medical supplies and animals in transit.

How does it work?

Our technologically advanced system accurately manages the temperature inside the vehicle to ensure that the load being transported by your driver is delivered within the temperature range that is specified for the product. Monitoring and feedback are provided timeously to the fleet manager thanks to thresholds that can be set up.

Which areas of the truck are monitored?

Temperature monitoring is provided for the various zones in the truck, including refrigerator reefer integration, management of diagnostic and error codes. Linked, real-time reporting is also offered relating to access control to the vehicle, doors and other third-party factors that could influence the control of the temperature.

What extra costs will you incur if you don’t have a refrigeration system in place?

Open doors during loading can result in a spoilt load or can add to the transport costs as the cold or refrigerated air escapes, thereby contributing to diesel costs.

Why should you use Retriever’s system?

Retriever’s internationally certified solution is tried and tested in markets across the world and can monitor temperatures during transit in any climate. Our system allows you to better manage the temperature and delivery times, which resultantly limits idling and refrigeration costs and creates a far more efficient and profitable business operation. Additional monitoring systems connected to the doors of a refrigerated truck allows you to monitor and ensure that the doors are kept open for a minimum amount of time.

Contact us today to find out more about how Retriever’s Refrigeration Monitoring system can help ensure your business is the coolest around!

Ensure business success with reliable perishable transport solutions. Safeguard fruits, vegetables, and dairy products from spoilage during transit.