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Karooooo is using telematics technology to shape the future of fleet management

With modern technology moving forward at such a dizzying pace, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the effects it is having on our day-to-day living. Telematics is one of the modern technologies that Retriever has embraced and is actively developing in order to help improve and change the ways in which we live and operate.

How does telematics benefit fleet management?

Telematics technology has been a game-changer for the auto industry, and Retriever, which is part of the Cartrack group, provides companies with smart telematics that is used to monitor and analyse various aspects relating to fleets including driver behaviour, vehicle stats, journey stats and more. All of these factors are highly important to a fleet manager, who is constantly seeking ways to reduce costs and ramp up efficiencies within a fleet. Ultimately, the use of telematics within fleet management helps companies save money.

In the near future, telematics is set to include even more types of data that can be analysed by fleet owners and managers. However, companies will need to find ways to ensure that this data is properly used. A potential, key game changer in the future will be the use of operating systems that are capable of supporting open platforms for data integration.

This will involve the use of a single integrated platform that can make sense of data, offer predictive analytics and allow businesses to solve large-scale problems. Retriever has already proven to be a leader in this regard, as our Mi-fleet software lets a fleet manager know in detail all of the running costs of each of their vehicles by calculating the actual vehicle operating costs in conjunction with real-time integration of the tracking system.

How will telematics technology shape the future of telematics?

In the future, the capability may exist to send communications straight to the vehicle such as warnings about high-risk driving habits. This will further re-enforce behavioural changes, as the driver will receive these messages in real-time. Retriever is on the cusp of this kind of technology, and is actively seeking ways to help develop and launch this technology into the global market for mainstream use.

Ultimately, thanks to the use of telematics technology in fleet management, every part of your business will be able to talk to the other parts, including elements such as your maintenance records, your scheduling, your inventory, your route mapping and your insurance liability. This convergence will result in a more profitable and efficient business.

Retriever is your world-class telematics partner

As a leading fleet management and vehicle recovery company, with superior telematics technology at our disposal, you can trust that Retriever will provide you with world-class and highly effective fleet management solutions. We can provide a solution that is tailored according to your businesses’ specific needs, with the features in our web-based fleet management portal ensuring that your fleet and human resources are optimised without upfront costs being incurred. Contact us today to find out more.

Revolutionizing fleet management with telematics technology. Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of modern technology with Retriever.