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How fleet management can reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Every year, the need for companies to be environmentally aware grows and besides the ethical and legal concerns around climate change and its effects, being environmentally sound is beneficial to the bottom line of your business.

Did you know you that the average passenger vehicle gives off about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year? Imagine how much carbon dioxide your fleet gives off.

Fortunately, vehicle telematics, such as those provided by Retriever, has evolved to such a degree that it can now actually help you reduce your impact on the environment and save you money in the process.

CO2 Monitoring

As a start, it’s important to get your Co2 emissions under control. The information that you retrieve from GPS fleet tracking technology can help you track exactly the carbon emissions of each vehicle in your fleet, and understand how these vehicles are contributing to poor air quality. Combined with driver performance data and location tracking, you can gain a comprehensive picture and take the appropriate steps to rectify this situation.

Improve Driver Behaviour

Technologically advanced and accurate vehicle tracking allows you to better monitor driver conduct behind the wheel. Through fleet tracking data and in-depth analysis, you can gain an understanding of the way your drivers behave on the road and proactively take action to reduce behaviour that affects your environmental compliance and overall productivity. This includes actions such as speeding, harsh turning, sudden braking and tailgating, all of which waste fuel and increase Co2 transmissions.

Enhanced Route Planning

You would be surprised just how much optimising routes can be both financially and environmentally beneficial. By using real-time tracking data, fleet managers can determine what the optimal route is for trucks from base to destination. This technology gives you the ability to alter the chosen route as circumstances may change, which ultimately reduces the amount of time that your vehicles spend stuck in traffic, which eats into your fuel and also releases harmful pollutants into the air.

Reduced Engine Idling

As mentioned above, it is important to introduce measures that reduce engine idling and fuel use, and which ultimately drastically reduces your CO2 output. While you can’t change traffic congestion, you can use fleet management as a means to identify instances of idling. Retriever can provide you with alerts and reports that allow you to plan ahead and target routes that avoid heavily congested roads and peak hours.

Long term benefits

Implementing fleet management is a win-win situation for companies, as beyond reducing their environmental impact, they also save costs and ramp up efficiencies within their fleet. Road safety is improved, and your vehicles will perform far more efficiently, for far longer.

Let Retriever be your environmental partner

As one of the leading fleet management companies and with superior technology at our disposal, Retriever has the tools and means to help you reduce your environmental impact. Contact us today to get peace of mind that your business is environmentally sound.

Optimize fleet management to cut carbon footprint. Drive ethical, legal, and sustainable growth for your business. Stay environmentally conscious.