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Maintenance costs account for a significant portion of the expense budget for fleet-based organisations, fleet managers and business owners are always on the look out for ways to bring this cost down.

With Retriever you can do just that as we provide you with data detailing exactly what is happening with your vehicles while on the road. This data can help you investigate and mitigate bad and/or dangerous driving habits reducing money spent on brakes, tyres, fuel, etc and increasing your profit margin.

Before we look at what Retriever can do for you, let’s unpack the effects that harsh driving can have on your vehicle and budget.

Increased wear and tear

Harsh driving means that tyres wear out quicker, as do brake pads (and if these aren’t fixed then discs and drums as well), brake fluid, shocks and more. You’ll also burn through fuel a lot faster resulting in an increased fuel bill.

Propensity for accidents

Harsh driving often means that drivers aren’t paying attention to:

  • Time – they have spent too much time elsewhere
  • Surroundings – they often react quickly to situations that could have been avoidable
  • The vehicle – they lack mechanical empathy or don’t treat the vehicle with respect

Any one or a combination of these can result in an accident. In a bumper bashing, the monetary expense may not be that much. However, in a more severe accident, there could be loss of life or limb and you and your driver could find yourself on the end of a law suit, and paying out a rather large sum of money.

Instead of waiting for something to happen, contact Retriever today so that we can tailor-make a vehicle telematics package just for you.

With a telematics unit from Retriever, you’ll be able to see exactly where your vehicles are at any given time, check how fast they are driving, obtain data on excessive idling or harsh braking and cornering.

With this information in your back pocket, you can:

  1. Let your drivers know you’re watching them
  2. Keep your drivers accountable for their actions
  3. Train your drivers so that they deliver a service that’s always on point
  4. Reduce your expenses and put more to your bottom line

Retriever’s products and packages are designed to fit into any size fleet vehicle, and in addition to the data, will also put you in control 24/7, from anywhere in the world with our App-based tracking functionality.

Get the Retriever brand of #PeaceOfMind and request a free demo today.

Optimize fleet expenses with effective maintenance strategies. Discover cost-saving solutions for fleet managers and business owners.