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Explaining Vehicle Recovery vs Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery are commonly used for vehicle safety and fleet management. We will uncover how vehicle tracking works and why you’ll benefit from it. As well as the purpose of a vehicle tracking system.

In this article, we will talk about vehicle tracking as a security feature for drivers, vehicles, and fleets. 

Let’s also jump between its benefits for consumer drivers and fleet owners.  

What is meant by vehicle tracking?

This can be referred to as the technology behind tracking the movements of vehicles and fleets, with a vehicle tracking device installed. 

The device is equipped with a GPS Locator, which is fitted in the vehicle. 

GPS tracking uses a global positioning system. This allows users to monitor vehicle locations as it pinpoints their exact geographical location. A network of satellites is used to specify the location of an object or person attached to the GPS device.

Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or on specialised software from a vehicle tracking provider.

For fleet managers, the GPS tracking software collects and stores information related to vehicle performance and management, including speed, trip distance, and driver behaviour - which can be used by vehicle fleet owners to improve safety and lower running costs.

vehicle tracking systems
vehicle tracking systems

What types of vehicle tracking systems do you get?

The system has two core parts – the location hardware (or vehicle tracking device) and vehicle tracking software

There are different types of GPS software tracking systems that work in various ways. By understanding the difference, you should get an idea of what works best for you.

Vehicle tracking is also described as being "Passive" and "Active".

  • "Passive" devices: Also known as GPS loggers, passive systems gather data about the vehicle’s location and store it on a hard drive or memory card, which you can then access at a later time. To use the device, you simply place it in or on the vehicle. When you want to access the information collected by the tracker, simply plug the device into a computer. 
  • "Active" devices: These types of systems collect the same data as passive tracking systems but transmit the data in near-real time or real time via cellular or satellite networks to a computer or data centre for evaluation. This allows the dispatch team and management to locate your vehicle much faster.
vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery
vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery

What is the difference between vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery?

Vehicle tracking and vehicle recovery generally go hand-in-hand. 

As mentioned, a vehicle tracking system monitors the location of a moving vehicle using GPS technology. It assists in vehicle recovery, as well as gives you  access to all types of information concerning your vehicle. 

In addition to stolen vehicle recovery from Cartrack, you can get safety product add-ons, such as the Cartrack panic button. If you’re in a hijacking emergency, you can press this panic button and a silent alert will be sent to our 24-hour control room. 

Or if you have one of our fleet packages, get access to information concerning driving behaviour patterns such as speeding and harsh braking. 

Vehicle recovery – this is the part where the technology or data is used to get the stolen or hijacked vehicle safely back to its owner. The Cartrack recovery team will locate the alert signal from the device via the latest GPS and Radio Frequency (RF) technology. 

Which two are the best? 

When it comes to choosing between vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking, you would need to check in with your budget, lifestyle, and what works best for you.

Most vehicle tracking packages have vehicle recovery as a standard feature, so a recovery team can find your vehicle if it is stolen, which will also keep your insurance premiums low. 

While vehicle tracking is more costly, you will get more peace of mind with the extra safety features. So, if you want to monitor your vehicle more with a more hands-on approach, then vehicle tracking is the best option for you. 

Who needs vehicle recovery?

One needs to take into consideration that there are 55 000 vehicles reported stolen in South Africa each year. These realities should be proof that the need to install a vehicle tracking or recovery device is more important than ever. 

If you have a more limited budget, there are more affordable options available that will give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your vehicle. Cartrack offers a package from R99 a month for those looking for a good level-entry stolen vehicle recovery package.

Who needs vehicle tracking?

Companies that use a large fleet of vehicles, either as a means to transport their goods or as a courier service for customers, are in most need of vehicle tracking services. However, anyone who wants to keep track of the driving habits and location of someone using their car or cars could benefit from this service.

8 benefits of a vehicle tracking system
8 benefits of a vehicle tracking system

8 benefits of a vehicle tracking system

No matter what you need vehicle tracking for, there are numerous benefits either for effective fleet management or vehicle and individual safety. 

The benefits seem endless, here are a few: 

  • Reduce running costs

If you have a vehicle fleet, the platform monitors driving patterns and gives tips to significantly reduce fuel wastage. Everyday motorists can activate features on the mobile app to improve driving behaviour and reduce running costs. 

  • Protect the environment

It is beneficial for the environment if fuel is monitored. Companies can contribute positively to the community and improve corporate social compliance. 

  • Vehicle maintenance

The platform gives maintenance-service reminders and other alerts to ensure effective fleet maintenance. This will result in less wear and tear on the vehicle, increase its longevity and reduce maintenance costs. Fleet managers can also avoid road penalties for faulty tyres and other vehicle issues. 

  • Lower Insurance premiums

Companies and consumers also significantly save on insurance if they have a GPS vehicle tracking system in place. This is because it encourages safer driving, and helps drastically increase the chances of recovery if thefts occur. Insurance providers use advanced telematics in the device to provide driving and vehicle stats. This helps reduce premiums where possible. 

  • Theft-deterrent  

A GPS tracking unit assists with stolen vehicle recovery. Vehicle tracking systems are popular in consumer vehicles for theft prevention. This also offers the ultimate peace of mind, especially in countries where theft is rampant. Drivers only need a mobile phone with an Internet connection to reach out and get their vehicle back. 

  • Driver productivity 

Through a fleet platform, driver hours are monitored to ensure they get the rest they need , especially on long-haul journeys Communication through the platform is also streamlined throughout the travel time for effective time management and productivity. 

  • Customer satisfaction

There is also better communication with customers in the production and delivery process through the fleet software app. As a result,  businesses become more “customer friendly” which can only improve customer retention and business profits. 

  • Improved business processes

The platform allows for less time spent on admin, allowing managers to focus on other tasks. They can tap into the system’s information about good driver behaviour stats and use it as a benchmark to train drivers. 

  • Cargo security

GPS tracking systems can help replay a route to help fleet managers concerned about cargo theft. They will be able to spot unauthorised trips, and drivers can be alerted to avoid certain areas. If drivers find themselves in trouble, they can get help.

  • Geofencing

Geofences alert a manager about a vehicle’s whereabouts when it leaves a certain location or boundaries. Fleet managers can ensure their vehicles are operating within specific areas and that high-risk areas are avoided. 

Cartrack stolen vehicle recovery
Cartrack stolen vehicle recovery

Why 1.5 million people have chosen Cartrack to recover their vehicle

  • World-class vehicle tracking and recovery technology 
  • A 92% stolen vehicle recovery rate, the highest in South Africa
  • Get up to R150 000 cash back in the unlikely event that we cannot recover your vehicle
  • Trained air and on the ground vehicle recovery teams
  • 24/7 emergency control room support 
  • Secure and reliable tracking device fitment techniques

Are you looking for the best car tracker in South Africa? Get the best of the best with us right by your side. 

Explore the benefits of vehicle tracking for safety and fleet management. Discover how it works and enhance your vehicle security with us.